Our Mission

Over the last few years, a problem we noticed is a lot of new users are intimidated by UX/UI and also costs of not completely understanding the way the blockchain operates fully, as well as the outrageous fees associated at some points.

Our goal is and has been to bring adoption of blockchain technology to the masses. But with this will come proper education and resources to allow those interested, or curious, to dive in and explore, and maybe even with a little bit of help.

We want to cater to anyone and everyone.

Universities, Individuals, Corporations, if we can teach your dog crypto, we will. Jokes aside, if you made it this far, thank you for trusting us with your time.

To the moon and beyond my friends.

Our Story

With over two decades of experience in technology, ex-military, and a serious passion for Web3, we are proud to bring you SYNWEB.

Technology for us has always been a sparkling light, a north star. We thrive in understanding the way our world operates. With the introduction of Bitcoin and Blockchain, no one knew the exact turn out to what it would become today.

With that, we have spent the past 3 years working on this project, doing our own in-depth research and analysis to bring a solution to a very needed  problem.

We understand that not do we have different schedules, but some of us also learn very differently.

Our goal from the beginning is to bring a simplified light to Web3.

To the moon and beyond.


Our team has years of customer experience and leadership experience, and combined, we make it our goal and focus to provide a supportive and structured path. Whether you are looking to become a self explorer, or want a hand to guide you, we have the resources and support needed.

Thank you to our wonderful community and friends and family who have all believed in us along the way.

To the moon and beyond.

Experienced Leadership